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Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Our Methodology is the single reason why we enjoy overwhelming success with our individualised learning programs and extremely high retention levels...
Core Comptences

Core Competences

At Solihull Tuition, each child receives individualised learning programmes and tuition consistent with their learning styles. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic...
Proven Results

Proven Results

When our Patron, Mrs. Christine Warring set the tuition centre up after retiring as a Head Teacher at a state comprehensive primary school, it was with one vision.
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How it Works

Initial informal Chat and Questionnaire.

We meet you for an informal chat over the phone or at the Tuition Center and set out your motivations for wanting to provide additional tuition support to your child. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire which is very straight forward and this is very important as it allows us to commence our relationship with a baseline upon which you can measure our impact on your child’s motivation, attitude towards learning and ultimately academic performance levels.

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How it Works
Testimonials & Clients
  • Following the 20 week 11+ course I would like to make these summary points: – Extremely high standard maintained throughout the course. – Tutor taking time to understand Arabella's ability across all subjects and pace for learning. – building confidence in Arabella's own performance/skills of working school and at home – (very positive) Read More!

    • Mrs. Chapellhow
    • 20 Week Advanced Intensive 11+ grammar course.
  • Fantastic course. Extremely thoroughly organised, very well structured, paced to build up a child towards peaking close to the exam. The course was 20 or so weeks of completing the core curriculum and then around 26 weeks of mock exams, revision classes, reviews and focusing on exam technique to maximise speed and accuracy. Read More!

    • Mr. Habib
    • 50 Week 11+ Advanced Intensive Grammar Course.
  • Super course. We feel that tuition really encouraged our child. Definitely recommended to do in addition to school. Read More!

    • Mrs. Parmar
    • 50 Week 11+ Advanced Intensive Grammar Course.
  • Very intensive course. Children put in a lot of hard work into the preparation of the course. Had to work daily with our son. The preparation involved requires the same amount of commitment and hard work from the child as it does from the parent. Read More!

    • Mrs. Fariel
    • 20 Week Advanced Intensive 11+ grammar course.
  • The course of well organised and the resources were excellent. Steffan is not a child that can sit and learn by himself. So it was difficult to keep him focussed during the week and ahead of the Saturday sessions. It could have benefited from more regular sessions during the week. He actually really enjoyed coming after school every day to the revision sessions and was even saying that he has going to miss it! Read More!

    • Mrs. Bhini
    • 20 Week 11+ Advanced Intensive Grammar Course.
  • Very well structured course overall. Rating for quality of tuition 9/10 Rating for relevance of resources used 9/10 Rating for commitment and dedication of tutor 9/10 Rating for effectiveness of 11+ tuition in improving child confidence 9/10 Read More!

    • Mrs. Mirza
    • 20 Week 11+ Advanced Intensive Grammar Course.
  • 10 weeks of learning the syllabus and 10 weeks of exam practice got our son into a grammar school. We are eternally grateful that Mr Fiaz runs such a fantastic intensive course. Read More!

    • Mrs. Nosheen
    • 20 Week 11+ Advanced Intensive Grammar Course.
  • We are happy with the experience we gained through Solihull Tuition centre. Fiaz has done an incredible job with our child and we have recently started noticing improvements in her maths but feel the improvements came towards the end of the course. Read More!

    • Mrs. Riaz
    • 20 Week 11+ Advanced Intensive Grammar Course.
  • Superb course. Total commitment. Complete dedication and passion to deliver the best version of your child. We had a specific need in non-verbal reasoning and it was addressed superbly. There is no alternative for 11+ tuition that offers as much focus, dedication, commitment and a genuine belief to inspire and motivate a child to make them the best version of themselves. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the course. Read More!

    • Mrs. Ahmed
    • 20 Week 11+ Advanced Intensive Grammar Course.
  • Rayhan started attending Solihull Tuition last November on a friend's recommendation. Our first meeting with Mr Fiaz Rashid was very thorough. He explained in detail about the 11+ grammar programme. Mr Rashid has been an excellent tutor, always available whenever you have a question or are worried about anything regarding the course. Read More!

    • Mrs. Ali
    • 40 Week 11+ Advanced Grammar Course.
  • I was so happy with the way my son has come out from this 11+ course. He has matured so much, has become very confident, and is now in top sets in all his subjects at school. Mr Mohammed Fiaz Rashid has been excellent all throughout the course. I just want to say a special thank you for building the best possible version of my son. I am very grateful. Read More!

    • Mrs. Rehman
    • 50 Week 11+ Advanced Grammar Course.
  • This was a good experience because the course helped my son a lot and boosted his grades in Maths and English and built his confidence. Thank you to Mr Rashid for putting in effort and time to help my son. Read More!

    • Mrs. Fawzy
    • 50 Week 11+ Advanced Grammar Course.
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