Proven Results

Proven ResultsWhen our Patron, Mrs. Christine Main-Waring set the tuition centre up after retiring as a Head Teacher at a state primary school, it was with one vision. This vision was to offer her wealth of experience to every child in a manner that was conducive to bring out the best version of that child, irrespective of what their parents’ aspirations may have been. For this reason she took on all children unless they had serious learning difficulties like autism, serious dyslexia, serious dyspraxia, serious dyscalculia or even dysgraphia because these learning difficulties required specialist 121 tuition which the centre did not have the resources to offer.

During the five years in which the centre has run successfully only 1 child was ever asked to leave and that was due to behavioural issues. The vast majority of students have stayed at the centre for over a year and some as much as 5 years. The reason for the variance is that some children become excellent independent learners who no longer require academic tutoring and support. Other children achieve goals of passing the 11 plus and then invariably come back in a couple of years’ time once embarking on intensive early GCSE programs in Year 9 at Grammar schools. Of all the intake of children from ALL levels the success rate of 11 plus passes at the centre has always been above 75%. Unlike many highly selective tuition centres and tutors who simply take on, only the cream to then boast 90% or 100% pass rates, we take on anyone willing to learn and wanting to improve themselves on an individualised program of learning best suited to which type of learner they are. Due to popular demand and requests from parents we will be engaging in specialist 11 plus classes geared towards the highly selective Grammar School tests and independent school tests. Parents will then have a choice.

At Solihull Tuition, everyone is a winner and there is no such thing as “failing an 11 plus exam”. This myth and fallacy does not take account of the fact that as long as your child has done the best that they can, that is all you as a parent and they as a child can expect. Often, not meeting the mark is a function of not maturing to the levels that are required by such highly competitive schools. Peaking and maturing at GCSE and A levels is much more important than the 11 plus and all parents should acknowledge and understand that.

A 100% record is where parents, tutors and the child have given 100% to ensure that the child becomes an independent learner who is passionate and aims to be the best version of what they can be. If that has been achieved and this is what we are measured on, then we get 100% proven results every time. This is the reason why our Patron’s ethos and 3 years of successful teaching have proven to be successful. We always judge each child individually and develop them to take ownership of their learning styles and focus on productive learning that is fun, fulfilling and brings out the best possible version of themselves.
What people say about us!
     Thank you Chris and staff for helping our son to overcome his problems and achieve well in his STA's. He's going to miss coming.

Mrs. Leonardo
Student Mother
     I have really enjoyed coming to the centre. You helped me to pass my 11+ and I'm looking forward to going to Grammar School.

Thom Nelson
     We are really grateful for the help you have given A. Her Confidence improved by leaps and bounds and we were all thrilled with her A grade in her GCSE maths.

John Martin
Student Father
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